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The Anarchist Communist
My friend, Ann, calls me an anarchist. One of my boys said I am starting to sound like a Communist. So I guess they are both right, I am an anarchist communist. My Conservative Republican ancestors will be rolling over in their graves at this realization. I think, that is because they didn’t understand Communism. […]

The Key is Joy
I have to say, while the premise of books like The Secret or the Power of now hold some truth, they also do a lot of damage. Good people write themselves out a check for $100K and then it does not manifest so they end up feeling unworthy or that they did something wrong. The […]

Recovery Thoughts
What a journey! Having just turned 22 years sober, I have been reflecting on how it was 22 years ago and how much I have changed since then. The influences and catalysts for change have been varied and life changing. If I had known then the challenges I was about to face and get through sober, I […]

People have always struggled with the idea and act of forgiveness, perhaps a definition of the word would be a good place to start. Merriam –Webster defines to forgive as: to give up resentment of or claim to requital for, to grant relief from payment of to cease to feel resentment against. The definition is […]