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Soul Collage with Judith Prest

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Sunday, November, 17 2020, 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm


Inviting the Image to Speak: Writing from SoulCollage®


Judith Prest LMSW

Spirit Wind Studio LLC, Duanesburg, NY 518 275-34-4 jeprest@aol.com 518 895-8001 www.spiritwindstudio.net


SoulCollage® Website: www.soulcollage.com


OVERVIEW of the SoulCollage® Process

SoulCollage® was developed by Seena Frost, a writer, artist and therapist who used and shared this process for over 20 years. SoulCollage® is a collage making process where we intuitively choose images and then form them into small collages on 5 X 8 cards, eventually creating a "personal deck of soul-tending cards, each card a mirror of self and soul.". In the process, we learn to dialogue with the images we choose, letting them speak through us. Images have the power to cut to the chase and bring us to the heart of the matter, to our deep center. They can also be very powerful prompts for writing.


Concepts related to SoulCollage®:


* The One & The Many ~ each of us is a unique individual, made up of many parts, and we are also part of the universe, a network of souls. The images on our SoulCollage® cards represent “the one and the many” in a variety of ways which you will discover as you learn more about the process, make more cards and begin to work with them.” …we call this process The One and the Many… because it emphasizes the both/and of deep living and soul tending. It is always both/and .It is never either/or.” Seena Frost, SoulCollage®


* Light and Shadow ~ just like life, the images we choose (or that “choose us””) for our cards will be a mix of darkness and light, will represent both guides and challengers. And just like in our daily lives, we can choose to work with whatever comes up on our cards and learn how to use it for growth and healing. The shadow side can be a great teacher!


* Neter – from an Egyptian word loosely meaning “archetype”, Seena Frost uses this term to describe the central image or central “energy” of an individual card.


The Suits- these develop over time. In the beginning, I believe that the most useful aspect of SC Cards is creating them and working with images. I made cards for two years before I began to learn about suits. There is no set number or type of card in any suit – each person’s deck will reflect his or her unique personality, history and path through life. Below is a BRIEF explanation of each suit.


* The Committee Suit ~ represents all the many facets of our personality, gives voice to who and what influences us from what we’ve internalized over our life’s journey– examples “inner critic” “happy child”, “the procrastinator”, “the poet”, etc.


* Community Suit ~ represents all the sentient beings that inspire, guide and/or challenge us. Can be friends, family members, pets, mentors, authors or artists or teachers we admire and who have influenced us (and who in that way are part of our community whether or not we have actually met them).


* Companion Suit ~ this suit is related to the seven energy centers or chakras in our bodies and the animal associated with each of them. This suit is one that takes some time to create because it involves doing guided meditation on each of the chakras to discover the animal for each.


* Council Suit ~ the Council cards represent the archetypes that are significant in each of our lives. For example, someone of Catholic faith might have several saints in their council suit; because of my deep connection with the earth, I will eventually have a council card representing each of the ancient “elements” – earth, fire, water, air.


Transpersonal Cards – Source, Witness, SoulEssence (See p. 3 for description of Witness and Soul Essence cards)

Source Card ~ “The Source is that Oneness from which all-that-is, is manifested, and back into which all-that-is eventually flows. Nevertheless Seena encourages people to make one card to symbolize this Oneness, and we call it our Source card. The Source Card, like the other Transpersonal cards, is an “anchor” for the rest of the cards in your deck. In readings where we consult the cards, this Source card is placed in the center. It has no voice of its own.”


How SoulCollage® Cards can be used:

Creating SoulCollage® cards and working with them once they are completed is a lot like awake dream work. Your cards can be used in a variety of ways — much like other meditation/divination cards are used (Tarot Cards, Goddess Cards, Animal Cards, Rune Cards, Sacred Geometry Cards, etc). The difference is that each person's deck is individual and unique, composed of cards made from images that resonate for that particular person. SoulCollage® cards are wonderful writing prompts—they work beautifully to spark poetry, memoir or journal entries. Some people will draw a card each morning to be their "guide” for the day. Some people use them for "readings" to gain clarity about a particular life question or situation. The uses of these personal decks of cards to inspire the spirit and “jumpstart” the imagination are infinite!


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