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The Key is Joy

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I have to say, while the premise of books like The Secret or the Power of now hold some truth, they also do a lot of damage. Good people write themselves out a check for $100K and then it does not manifest so they end up feeling unworthy or that they did something wrong. The key to everything is inside you already, and what unlocks abundance is using the key. It is joy.

When I am working on something important with my drum circle. We usually start by going to a place of gratitude. This puts people in a state where they are able to receive. What they think about to get them into that state opens up an ability to communicate with Spirit through the heart and it is a much clearer form of communication then the head based kind. Spirit understands the heart based communication ( emotional) with much more ease than logical communication.

I do my daily affirmations, take my three breaths. balance my T…. bar blah. blah , blah. Today I thought I would try something different. I thought, “What gives me the most joy.” The answers were: my kids, most of the time. The beach, always. My horses, that was what I was looking for, because the beach is kind of far.

I printed my affirmations. Grabbed my coffee, cigarettes,( because these things in the morning also make me happy) some carrots ( because they make my horses happy) dragged out a chair and sat in the middle of the field. True love is a horse leaving a fresh bale of hay to come and check out why it is that you are sitting in the middle of the field. Apple Jack did this quickly. So he got a carrot. Shiloh was hurt by people and not quite as trusting, but she came once she heard him crunch that carrot. They both rubbed me with their noses, Jack put his head on my shoulder and these interactions created a sense of true joy. So I pulled out the paper with the affirmations. Jack licked it, more joy. Then I started to say them. The entire time the horses were nudging me for carrots and attention. This made the whole session joyful. When I finished, the sun winked at me, so I know they heard.

So, I guess my point is, when performing your daily prayers or affirmations do it from a place of joy, whether you create this sense with your mind or physically go to a place that is joyful. Below are the affirmations I used. Feel free to use them yourself I found them on keeper of the flame .com: A website some of you might also enjoy



KNOWING ~ I know that God is my source and supply. I am constantly provided for. I manifest abundance and prosperity with ease. I joyfully anticipate each day’s blessings and give thanks as they appear.

ACCEPTANCE ~ I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I support myself, trust myself, and accept myself wherever I am. I accept my body, my weight, my height, my appearance, my sexuality, and my experiences. I accept ALL that I have created for myself, taking full responsibility for all situations in my life. I know that I deserve and get the very best that life has to offer.

ABUNDANCE ~ I always have an abundance of money and an abundance of whatever it takes to create happiness, joy and opulence in my life. There is a continuous supply of all that I need to sustain and express myself here on this plane, and I am open to the guidance that moves me towards my highest good.

RELEASE ~ I release all past experiences, whether good or bad, and I trust the process of life. I understand COMPLETELY at the deepest levels of my mind, that memories of the past keep me from living in the present and this is where I create my future. I release any pattern in me that is creating negative conditions in my life.

SELFLOVE ~ I am a valuable and unique individual. I am powerful and loving. I am totally adequate at all times. Each day I get better and better. I am absolutely wonderful and I FEEL GREAT!!

GUIDANCE ~ I am connected with my Higher Self at ALL TIMES. I am open and intuitive and trust the inner voice that guides me. I am always in charge and every decision I make, I make knowing what is best for me.

JOY ~ As I follow the path of my heart, I discover my true treasures. I choose JOY over all else. Joy is my compass.

CHOICE ~ I use my creative power to bring the best into my life. I choose how I feel about the many experiences and situations that make up my life. At no time do I give up my power to anything or anyone. I am the captain of my ship and I sail only on calm waters.

RISK ~ I take risks in every area of my life. I am willing to risk myself in Love, in work, in play, and in all relationships in my life. I know that my vulnerabiity is my strength. I am all powerful.

ONENESS ~ I see all of life as one and experience myself joined to my brothers and sisters around the planet. I know that what I give to others, I am giving to myself. And so I act to support and nurture others at all times and in all places.

MY INHERITANCE ~ I claim my divine inheritance of Love, Perfect Health, Success, Abundance, Prosperity, and Joy. I have more than enough and I share my blessings with all whom I meet.

CHANGE ~ I welcome change in my life. I understand that changes are occurring all around and inside of me. I give thanks for them all and affirm that they are increasing every day, for I know this is simply a way for me to grow and evolve into the best person I can be.

THE GOOD ~ I look for the good in all my life experiences. No matter what the circumstances, I find something positive that I can learn from them. In this way, I experience all events as enhancing my spiritual growth.

FEAR ~ I now release any and all fear that may be hindering me from expressing the loving, compassionate, caring and understanding person that I AM. Nothing but Love comes to me and nothing but Love goes from me. I HAVE NO FEAR FOR I AM LOVE.